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The evolutionary arrival oF Cryptocurrencies in 2009 no doubt amazed the international world in general and the emerging markets in particular. The revolutionary birth of Bitcoin was an astonishing emergence across the globe, then establishing its own worth through demand and acceptability made it one of the most fascinating and worth gaining assets by the end of 2019. The largely growing demand and worldwide acceptability made this state of the art digital currency a kind of spirit in the structures of international trading markets. Therefore some of the most experienced and senior technical experts of international money markets have declared Bitcoin the currency of the future as well. As we are standing on the verge of the 21st century, the world's dynamics are getting changed amazingly, similarly, the significant surge in demand for Bitcoin made its existence to some extent insecure. Many unfortunate incidents of digital theft have been reported over recent years as an immense rise in demand and price made this revolutionary digital currency more attractive and profitable for the whole world. As said earlier, an amazing surge in demand raised some serious concerns about its safety and foolproof security.

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Safety of your BitCoins is more important:

One of the major concerns of Bitcoin holders is its safety and secure storage in the current era of cybercrimes. Highly advanced and technical strategies have been observed over the past few years in the incidents of Bitcoin theft and theft. As time moved forward, the ways of Bitcoins storage were also getting advanced, a few years back, the only Hot storage of Bitcoin was commonly known, which proved less secure and not fully protected against the potential threats of Hackers and cyber players. The regulatory framework of digital currencies is still in the situation to be or not to be. The holder of BitCoins is assumed the only responsible for its safety and security as no law of compensation has been constituted so far in the favor of Bitcoin holders. So, where should we store the Bitcoins Safely?. The answer to this question is definitely a wallet. In Fact, Bit Bitcoins are not usually stored or kept the way other valuable currencies and precious items like Gold, Diamond, and costly jewelry, rather Bitcoins as the global network is not in fact any physical coin but the matter of fact is that Bitcoin is quite closer to a computer-generated software. In this chunk of the article, we will explore the basic structure of available wallets for Bitcoin safe storage, particularly the Cold wallets, their design and functions as well as the highly recommended ways of Bitcoin Cold storage known as the safest storage.

Basic Concept of Bitcoin wallets

Prior to discussing the Concept of Cold Storage, one must clear the term Bitcoin Wallets. For the Bitcoin holders term "wallet or Bitcoin wallet" explains quite similar to a real-world wallet as it carries our cash and other valuables. These Bitcoin Wallets are usually used to store the Cryptocurrency in a digital device by using some digital tools which got Both Private and Public keys on them. These keys are a randomly selected serial of cryptographic characters which are mandatory in order to have complete access over BitCoin holdings as well as for a successful transaction normally used to transfer the Bitcoin holdings. The private key functions just like a password of our Bank Card while accessing our real funds and without knowing this password we will not be able to withdraw or even transfer our own funds. Several available ways of storing Bitcoins are quite popular among its users keeping in view its everyday use e.g the most popular ones being encryption, backup, multi-sig, and cold storage; none of them is error-free so far. The first way is to encrypt your wallet by setting a strong password. The second way is to make a backup of the wallet. Even a computer malfunction can put you Bitcoin Holdings in a danger zone. Multisig is another method to protect Bitcoins. It involves creating a multi-signature transaction system through which more people (normally 2 or 3) are required to approve any transaction.

Basics structure of Cold Storage:

Wallets are quite famous among the users of Bitcoin because of their multi-features and just provide some limited features of security and safety, in case if the private key of your wallet is leaked or intercepted by any means. you might face an irreparable loss of your Bitcoin assets because there isn't any proper mechanism available to retrieve them safely. There fore Cold storage is usually considered one of the best solid solutions for this potential threat. Cold storage is widely considered as one of the best storage for Bitcoin Holdings as compared to other available storage methods for BitCoin holdings. Unlike other hot wallet methods it requires offline storage, this offline storage feature makes it a state of the art because this storage method has nothing to do with online connectivity. This versatile offline feature makes it more secure and rules out the threats of hackers or any cyber player. There is no need to get worried about online theft or hackers. The method of cold storage is less convenient than encrypting or keeping a backup because it can be quite tough for users to access their coins. Thus, many bitcoin owners who use cold storage keep some tokens in a standard wallet or hot wallets for everyday spending and put the rest in a cold storage device. This significantly reduces the whole attempt of getting coins out from the cold storage. The practice of keeping the reserves is usually followed by exchanges that facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.  These forums deal with a huge amount of bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies) and are often a prime target for hackers. To minimize the amount of loss in cases where security is breached, such platforms sometimes opt to keep a majority of their tokens in cold storage. These exchanges know the withdrawal ratios and thus keep only that amount on the server to fulfill the requirements. In order to reduce the amount of loss in cases where security is challenged, such forums sometimes to keep a majority of their tokens in cold storage. These exchanges know the routine withdrawal ratios and thus keep only that amount on the server to fulfill the requirements.

Popular Methods of Cold Storage:
The popular and commonly used methods of cold storage are as below.

What is Paper Wallet

A Paper wallet is usually known as one of the safest ways to protect your bitcoin holdings against hackers, cyber players, and computer malfunctions. It requires the printing of both Public and private keys on a piece of paper. Moreover, a paper wallet might have a QR code that can be scanned and added to a software wallet to make rapid transactions. Since the paper contains all the required and relevant information compulsory for spending the coins, its security and protection are certainly very important. Normally it's recommended to have an encrypted and an additional Bitcoin paper wallet for maximum safety and endless peace of mind.

Hardware Wallets Mechanism:

Mostly known AND WIDELY USED storage devices like USB can also be used to securely keep the confidential and private key, just because of their common use these devices must be handled and used with great care and safety in order to ensure the secure placement you must keep it at some highly secured area where you think, can only go and get the access to your Bitcoins in order to avoid any inconvenience. Hardware wallets are frequently used to secure a wallet in an offline mode. These are kind of small devices that are water and virus proof and even support multi-signature transactions as well. They are quite convenient for sending and receiving virtual currency, have a micro storage device backup and QR code scan camera Pi-wallets is one of the prominent examples of Hardware wallets.

How does Sound Wallet work:

Sound wallets are not commonly used within the cryptocurrency world, however, sounds wallets are surely considered another way to keeping your bitcoin holdings safe and secure. This digital technology requires the private and confidential keys in an encrypted sound files format such as compact Compact Discs CDS and Vinyl disks. The hidden code in these audio files can be deciphered using a spectroscope app or high-resolution spectroscope.

What is meant to be a Deep Cold Storage?

Like other popular and commonly used storage methods, the idea of Deep wallet generator is also cultivating the fruits of its extraordinary highly secured and almost unreachable facts. This daring step was initiated by a London based firm, they efficiently offered the dedicated and highly secured services of a bank vault for securing the keys of Bitcoin wallet. Adding to its characteristics this highly efficient service did offer insurance services against any unfortunate incident like loss and theft. Even having dedicated and highly secured services it got just one-week point that it demands the identity and proof of address of the person willing to get the services. Sometimes this obligation keeps the investors away from that service. The service is provided by many financial institutions thus the Elliptic Vault is one of the major examples of deep cold storage.

The Best Storage in Experts eyes:

Talking about the fundamentals, salient features and comprehensive mechanism of almost all the demanding ways of storage the experts eyes are still appreciating the Offline Cold storage, because it obviously offers a state of the art offline mechanism of storing your Bitcoins for a longer period of time with maximum safety and endless peace of mind.

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